Sunday, November 26, 2017

Film: Justice League

GENRE: Action
RATING: PG-13 for violence
RUNTIME: 2 hours
STARRING: Ben Affleck (Gone Girl, Batman v Superman)
Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Ezra Miller (Perks of Being a Wallflower)
DIRECTOR: Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen, Man of Steel)
WRITERS: Chris Terrrio (Argo) & Joss Whedon (Avengers, Buffy)
PLOT: Bruce Wayne gathers a group of superheroes together to take on some big enemy.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Am pretty skeptical of these DC films.

STORY STUFF: Why are DC films such disjointed messes? Could it be that the studio has too much control, they throw a bunch of stuff at a wall and see what sticks? There are some good lines here and there (probably courtesy of Whedon who stepped in for reshoots). The bad guy was way too Avenger Thanos-like and I didn’t find his endgame that clear. There’s a scene when they throw in some random civilians just so that one of the superheroes has some incentive to help. Also, the film seemed very concerned with setting up Flash’s own movie. The studio should take a meeting Kevin Fiege from Marvel and figure out how to do these films properly.

ACTING STUFF: I thought the chemistry of the heroes worked quite well. Gadot still rocks as Wonder Woman. Affleck is tolerable as Batman. Miller looks like he is having fun, which helps the audience root for him. Unfortunatley, Aquaman is trying too hard to be cool. Momoa (Game of Thrones) tries his best but it just didn’t work for me. Also, JK Simmons looks completely out of place as Commissioner Gordon, what a waste. He was far better as J Jonah Jameson in the Tobey Maguire Spiderman flicks.

ARTISTIC STUFF: There are some nicely done action sequences despite villains I don’t really care about. I was actually annoyed with The Flash’s suit; too much armor plating, it should be a lot sleeker. The soundtrack was pretty decent at times.   

VERDICT: Three stars out of five
SEE IT IF: You want more Wonder Woman, less story
UPCOMING REVIEWS: Darkest Hour, Coco

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Film: Thor Ragnarok

GENRE: Action
RATING: PG-13 for violence
RUNTIME: 2 hours and 10 minutes
STARRING: Chris Hemsworth (Avengers, Rush, Ghostbusters)
Tom Hiddleston (Night Manager), Cate Balnchett (Elizabeth, LOTR)
DIRECTOR: Taika Waititi (Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Eagle vs Shark)
WRITERS: Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost (Avengers cartoons)
Eric Pearson (Agent Carter)
PLOT: Thor is captured and reunited with the Hulk while trying to save his home of Asgard from the Goddess of Death.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Liked the first Thor, hated the second film.

STORY STUFF: That was mighty entertaining. Definitely one of the best Marvel films. The ads made me worried, as I didn’t care much about the fate of Asgard, but everything really clicked (even though it’s a bit on the long side). One of the best elements is the humour that has been infused into the film. Lots of laughs. The second Thor was dull and serious; this one was a treat.

ACTING STUFF: You can tell that Hemsworth is having a blast. He’s done comedy before and he gets to shine even more this time around. Everyone has great material to work with; well, maybe not Idris Elba. One of the funniest new characters was Korg, a rock monster. I spent awhile trying to place his voice but it turned out to be the director. There are also a few cameos that I hope no one spoils for you.

ARTISTIC STUFF: Lots of great action sequences, per usual. The colour palette of the film was a little too much for my taste but definitely made it look different from the usual Marvel offerings. The film also made good use of Led Zepplin’s ‘Immigrant Song’. The goofy synth score music got a little much at times though. But these are minor quibbles.  

VERDICT: Four and half stars out of five
SEE IT IF: You don’t take your Marvel movies too seriously
UPCOMING REVIEWS: Murder on the Orient Express

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Film: Blade Runner 2049

GENRE: Sci-Fi Mystery
RATING: R for violence, nudity and language
RUNTIME: 2 hours and 44 minutes
STARRING: Ryan Gosling (La La Land, Drive, Half Nelson, Fracture)
Robin Wright (House of Cards), Harrison Ford (Star Wars, Blade Runner)
DIRECTOR: Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Sicario, Prisoners)
WRITERS: Hampton Fancher (Blade Runner) & Michael Green (Logan)
PLOT: A young blade runner questions his memories and tracks down former blade runner, Rick Deckard.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Felt the first one was interesting but slow.

STORY STUFF: It’s a well-made mystery that has some significant insights on memory, love and technology. Unfortunately, the pace is incredibly slow. Like snail pace. Which matches the first film but can be difficult to watch. Villeneuve relishes watching Gosling and other actors think. Don’t watch the late showings; you might drift off. I also recommend watching the first one or else you might be a bit lost.

ACTING STUFF: Great acting all around. Gosling, despite his slow thinking face, is a treat to watch. Ford brings gravitas for a few scenes but keep in mind he’s only in the last quarter of the film.

ARTISTIC STUFF: The cinematography is incredible. Roger Deakins (Shawshank, Coen Brother films) finds beauty in the depressing future (so much rain). The sets are large and mesmerizing. I found the sound annoying. It’s a mixture of absence of sound (not ideal when eating in the theatre) followed by deafening speaker-shaking single notes (time your crunches accordingly). Along with the cinematography and set design, the wow factor for me was the way they used holographic images. It is both captivating and creepy at the same time. Amazing stuff.

VERDICT: Three stars out of five
SEE IT IF: You liked the first one and like Gosling’s thinking face

Monday, October 02, 2017

Fall TV New Show Scorecard

I usually don’t do this but thought I would give my initial thoughts on the new shows I’ve watched so far this fall television season. I’ll even switch it up and give them a letter grade instead stars. Here we go:

YOUNG SHELDON (CBS returns in November)
I liked that the show is single-camera and doesn’t have the studio audience. The kid playing Sheldon is sharp but the sister steals the pilot. Don’t like the actor playing the dad and I’m worried it might be too schmaltzy which doesn’t fit older Sheldon at all. B+

ME, MYSELF, & I (CBS Mondays 9:30)
I like Bobby Moynihan. The kid version is okay but his stepbrother seems more interesting. John Larroquette’s older version is incredibly boring, where’s his Dan Fielding humour? I’m not a basketball fan, so the Chicago Bulls stuff doesn’t grab me at all. Also Urkel is still annoying. C+

THE GIFTED (FOX Mondays 9:00)
I’m not too sure about this series. There is potential with the X-Men universe but part of it seems like Heroes where too many people have mutant powers. I like Amy Acker but don’t think she’ll be given much to do. The pilot ended well. I need more to keep me hooked. B-

THE GOOD DOCTOR (ABC Mondays 10:00)
Probably my favourite of the new shows. Love Freddie Highmore’s acting and love seeing Richard Schiff again. The autism angle is working for me. The shaky camera is annoying at times. I like the flashbacks, the graphics and that it shoots in Vancouver. I’ll be sticking with this one. A-

It’s just not People vs OJ Simpson. The Law & Order graphics and sounds just make it seem like an average episode instead of event TV. I like some of the actors and trial intrigues me. It’s only eight episodes, so I can hang on for that long. B-

THE INHUMANS (ABC Fridays 9:00)
What a piece of crap. I feel embarrassed for Marvel and ABC and all those involved with this terrible show. The story is dull, the characters are cardboard and the action is lackluster. I don’t care about anyone on this monstrosity. Avoid this one at all costs. F

Though it wasn’t on my initial lists, I thought I would give it a try. I found the mystery interesting enough. There are a lot of suspects to theorize about. Kyra Sedgwick is pretty good and I like that she’s a writer on a cop show. With only ten episodes, I’ll see how this one plays out. B

What new shows are you watching?

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Film: American Made

GENRE: Action Biography
RATING: R for language and some sexuality
RUNTIME: 1 hour and 55 minutes
STARRING: Tom Cruise (Mission: Impossible, Jack Reacher, Top Gun)
Domhnall Gleeson (Star Wars 7&8), Sarah Wright (Marry Me)
DIRECTOR: Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow, Bourne Identity)
WRITER: Gary Spinelli (newcomer)
PLOT: A pilot becomes to ‘go-to’ guy for transporting drug, firearms and more for the CIA and drug runners.  

FULL DISCLOSURE: Like Tom Cruise but had no expectations.

STORY STUFF: The story is enjoyable enough but not enough to keep me engrossed. The fact that it was based on a true story helped. I didn’t find there was that much character development though.

ACTING STUFF: Cruise has the charisma, but that’s about it. Jesse Plemons (Friday Night Lights, Breaking Bad) is wasted in a small sheriff role. Not much else to say.

ARTISTIC STUFF: There were some weird cuts and angles in the first fifteen minutes of the film but then it just leveled out. Not much to talk about on the artistic level. I actually expected a bit more from Liman.   

VERDICT: Two stars out of five
SEE IT IF: Like Tom Cruise and Escobar drug smuggling
UPCOMING REVIEWS: Battle of the Sexes, Bladerunner 2049

Saturday, September 23, 2017

2017 Fall TV Anticipation

So my uncle was ranting this week about how there are too many long lists this time of year. Instead of a top thirty how about a top five.  Well, I decided to make a list of seven. People are often asking me these days, which shows I am looking forward to. Unfortunately, most of the new shows look like duds. These are some returning shows that I am slightly anticipating. For this list, I limited myself to one show per day of the week. These are the ones I will make sure I watch the night of instead of PVRing.

While I am mildly curious about White Famous, I would like to see what awkward situations Larry David can get into.

Sure, it looks an awful lot like House, but I enjoyed that show. I also liked Freddie Highmore in Bates Motel. (Monday’s sort of an off night.)

I know, I know, This Is Us is also on this night. I do really enjoy that show but give me some great laughs over inevitable ‘manly’ tears.

I’d usually pick Mr. Robot but the last season didn’t wow me. Riverdale is my guilty pleasure. It’s so nostalgic and silly at the same time.

I was nervous the concept wouldn’t work during season one and Michael Shur surprised me. I hope my faith is rewarded even more this season.

It’s been a long wait to see what happens next to these awesome kids and the town in general. Toast up some Eggos.

Coming off a pretty strong year, I’m eager to see how far they go this season. Let the Twitter responses commence.

There you have it. Of course, I watch far more than just one show per night, but these are MVPs for me.

UPCOMING REVIEWS: Battle of Sexes, Kingsman 2

Sunday, September 17, 2017

2017 Emmy Awards Wrap Up

Did well this time around. I got 21 out of 24 categories (I count predicted and wanted as wins). Handmaid’s Tale and Big Little Lies had a big night. I enjoyed Stephen Colbert’s hosting from his opening song to his tongue-in-cheek comments about John Oliver after losing the Variety Talk category.  I also really liked David Mandel acceptance speech with Veep’s win. Weird things for me included Sarah Paulson’s disco ball dress and the bizarre In Memoriam segment with cheesy Family Ties-inspired picture frames with sappy music and cross fades. My wife also noticed that there were a lot of green earrings (I was not aware). As is evidenced with my score, there were not many surprises. Well, Sean Spicer was a surprise. It was fun watching the utter shock on the celebrity faces; Melissa McCarthy looked so uncomfortable. Anyway, here is what won:

Drama Series: The Handmaid’s Tale (Predicted)  
Comedy Series: Veep (Predicted)
Limited Series: Big Little Lies (Predicted)
Variety Talk Series: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Predicted & Wanted)
Variety Sketch Series: SNL (Predicted & Wanted)
Reality Series: The Voice
Lead Actor [Drama]: Sterling K Brown (Predicted)  
Lead Actress [Drama]: Elisabeth Moss (Predicted & Wanted)
Lead Actor [Comedy]: Donald Glover (Predicted)  
Lead Actress [Comedy]: Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Predicted & Wanted)
Lead Actor [Limited]: Riz Ahmed (Predicted)  
Lead Actress [Limited]: Nicole Kidman (Predicted & Wanted)
Supp. Actor [Drama]: John Lithgow (Predicted & Wanted)
Supp. Actress [Drama]: Ann Dowd  
Supp. Actor [Comedy]: Alec Baldwin (Predicted)
Supp. Actress [Comedy]: Kate McKinnon (Predicted & Wanted)
Supp. Actor [Limited]: Alexander Skarsgard (Predicted)  
Supp. Actress [Limited]: Laura Dern (Predicted & Wanted)
Directing [Drama]: The Handmaid’s Tale – Ofred (Pilot) (Predicted)  
Writing [Drama]: The Handmaid’s Tale – Ofred (Pilot)
Directing [Comedy]: Atlanta – B.A.N. (Predicted)  
Writing [Comedy]: Master of None – Thanksgiving (Predicted & Wanted)   
Directing [Limited]: Big Little Lies (Predicted)  
Writing [Limited]: Black Mirror – San Junipera (Predicted)  

The fall season begins soon.

Check out my Fall Preview. (just click here)

Friday, September 15, 2017

2017 Emmy Award Predictions

The Emmys are this coming Sunday. Looking forward to Colbert hosting the festivities. For the Primetime Emmys predictions, it’s same as past years: I play to win but am happy if the one I want to win takes the statue. Here now are the fearless predictions:

Outstanding Drama Series
Better Call Saul | House of Cards | Stranger Things | The Crown | The Handmaid’s Tale | This Is Us | Westworld
WILL WIN: The Handmaid’s Tale (seems oddly relevant right now)
WANT TO WIN: Stranger Things (such binge-watchable fun)

Outstanding Comedy Series
Atlanta | Black-ish | Master of None | Modern Family | Silicon Valley | Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt | Veep
WILL WIN: Veep (The love is never-ending for this show)
WANT TO WIN: Master of None (love the writing and Ansari)

Outstanding Limited Series
Big Little Lies | Fargo | Feud: Bette & Joan | Genius | The Night Of
WILL WIN: Big Little Lies (great cast and female driven)
WANT TO WIN: The Night Of (loved watching the story unfold)

Outstanding Variety Talk Series
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | Jimmy Kimmel Live | Last Week Tonight with John Oliver | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert | The Late Late Show with James Corden | Real Time with Bill Maher
WILL WIN: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (so needed right now)
WANT TO WIN: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (always make me laugh and think)

Outstanding Variety Sketch Series
Billy on the Street | Documentary Now! | Drunk History | Portlandia | SNL | Tracey Ullman’s Show
WILL WIN: SNL (It had one of its best seasons in years)
WANT TO WIN: SNL (very strong this year)

Outstanding Reality – Competition Program
Amazing Race | America Ninja Warrior | Project Runway | RuPaul’s Drag Race | Top Chef | The Voice
WILL WIN: RuPaul’s Drag Race (have never seen it but still popular for some reason)
WANT TO WIN: Amazing Race (back to normal after that dreaded YouTube one)

Lead Actor in a Drama Series
The Americans: Matthew Rhys | Better Call Saul: Bob Odenkirk | House of Cards: Kevin Spacey | Ray Donovon: Liev Schreiber | This Is Us: Sterling K. Brown | This Is Us: Milo Ventimiglia
WILL WIN: Sterling K Brown (this guy is on a roll, stellar acting)
WANT TO WIN: Bob Odenkirk (you want to root for him the whole time)

Lead Actress in a Drama Series
The Americans: Keri Russell | The Crown: Claire Foy | The Handmaid’s Tale: Elisabeth Moss | House of Cards: Robin Wright | How To Get Away With Murder: Viola Davis | Westworld: Evan Rachel Wood
WILL WIN: Elisabeth Moss (She deserves some awards)
WANT TO WIN: Elisabeth Moss (Her Offred was pretty moving)

Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
Atlanta: Donald Glover | Baskets: Zach Galifianakis | Black-ish: Anthony Anderson | Master of None: Aziz Ansari | Shameless: William H Macy | Transparent: Jeffrey Tambor
WILL WIN: Donald Glover (consolation for loss of series to Veep)
WANT TO WIN: Aziz Ansari (love his authenticity)

Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
Better Things: Pamela Adlon | Black-ish: Tracee Ellis Ross | Grace and Frankie: Jane Fonda| Grace and Frankie: Lily Tomlin | Mom: Allison Janney | Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Ellie Kemper | Veep: Julia Louis-Dreyfus
WILL WIN: Julia Louis-Dreyfus (why not another one)
WANT TO WIN: Julia Louis-Dreyfus (if you can’t beat ‘em…)

Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie
Fargo: Ewan McGregor | Genius: Geoffrey Rush | The Night Of: Riz Ahmed | The Night Of: John Turturro | Sherlock-The Lying Detective: Benedict Cumberbatch | The Wizard of Lies: Robert De Niro
WILL WIN: Riz Ahmed (such an interesting transformation)
WANT TO WIN: John Turturro (a toss up for this awesome series)

Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie
American Crime: Felicity Huffman | Big Little Lies: Nicole Kidman | Big Little Lies: Reese Witherspoon | Fargo: Carrie Coon | Feud-Bette & Joan: Jessica Lange |  Feud-Bette & Joan: Susan Sarandon
WILL WIN: Nicole Kidman (such a risky role of an abused wife)
WANT TO WIN: Nicole Kidman (she deserves it, it’s so hard to watch)

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
Better Call Saul: Jonathan Banks | The Crown: John Lithgow | Homeland: Mandy Patinkin | House of Cards: Michael Kelly | Stranger Things: David Harbour | This Is Us: Ron Cephas Jones | Westworld: Jeffrey Wright
WILL WIN: John Lithgow (his Churchill outshone the queen at times)
WANT TO WIN: John Lithgow (although I still like Michael Kelly’s work)

Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
The Handmaid’s Tale: Ann Dowd | The Handmaid’s Tale: Samira Wiley | Orange is the New Black: Uzo Aduba | Stranger Things: Millie Bobby Brown | This Is Us: Chrissy Metz | Westworld: Thandie Newton
WILL WIN: Thandie Newton (Westworld needs some love)
WANT TO WIN: Chrissy Metz (Loved her work this past season)

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
Baskets: Louie Anderson | Modern Family: Ty Burrell | SNL: Alec Baldwin | Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Tituss Burgess | Veep: Tony Hale | Veep: Matt Walsh
WILL WIN: Alec Baldwin (Trump wins again)
WANT TO WIN: Matt Walsh (His pathetic-ness is so fun)

Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
SNL: Vanessa Bayer | SNL: Leslie Jones | SNL: Kate McKinnon | Transparent: Kathryn Hahn | Transparent: Judith Light | Veep: Anna Chlumsky
WILL WIN: Kate McKinnon (Hillary and then Kelly for the win)
WANT TO WIN: Kate McKinnon (She’s amazing)

Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie
Big Little Lies: Alexander Skarsgard | Fargo: David Thewlis | Feud-Bette & Joan: Alfred Molina | Feud-Bette & Joan: Stanley Tucci | The Night Of: Bill Camp | The Night Of: Michael Kenneth Williams
WILL WIN: Alexander Skarsgard (even bigger risk as an abusive husband)
WANT TO WIN: Stanley Tucci (a small but wonderfully dick-ish role)

Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie
American Crime: Regina King | Big Little Lies: Laura Dern | Big Little Lies: Shailene Woodley | Feud-Bette & Joan: Judy Davis | Feud-Bette & Joan: Jackie Hoffman | The Wizard of Lies: Ruth Madoff
WILL WIN: Laura Dern (she makes it so easy to hate her character)
WANT TO WIN: Laura Dern (not much more to add)

Directing for a Drama Series
Better Call Saul • Witness | The Crown • Hyde Park Corner | The Handmaid’s Tale • The Bridge | The Handmaid’s Tale • Offred (Pilot) | Stranger Things • Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers | Westworld • The Bicameral Mind
WILL WIN: The Handmaid’s Tale-Offred (lots of emotion to be had)
WANT TO WIN: Stranger Things-The Vanishing of Will Byers (great start to a series)

Writing for a Drama Series
The Americans • The Soviet Division | Better Call Saul • Chicanery | The Crown • Assassins | The Handmaid’s Tale • Offred (Pilot) | Stranger Things • Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers | Westworld • The Bicameral Mind
WILL WIN: Stranger Things-The Vanishing of Will Byers (nostalgic creepy fun)
WANT TO WIN: Better Call Saul-Chicanery (a wonderfully tense brother vs brother trial)

Directing for a Comedy Series
Atlanta • B.A.N. | Silicon Valley • Intellectual Property | Silicon Valley • Server Error | Veep • Blurb | Veep • Groundbreaking | Veep • Justice
WILL WIN: Atlanta-B.A.N.(just because of the clever format)
WANT TO WIN: Silicon Valley-Server Error (Jared steals the show)

Writing for a Comedy Series
Atlanta • B.A.N. | Atlanta • Streets On Lock | Master of None • Thanksgiving | Silicon Valley • Success Failure | Veep • Georgia | Veep • Groundbreaking
WILL WIN: Master of None-Thanksgiving (well done coming out story)
WANT TO WIN: Master of None-Thanksgiving (I like some of the other MoN eps more though)

Directing for a Limited Series, Movie or Special
Big Little Lies | Fargo • The Law of Vacant Places | Feud-Bette & Joan • And the Winner Is . . . (The Oscars of 1963) | Genius • Einstein: Chapter One | The Night Of • The Art of War | The Night Of • The Beach
WILL WIN: Big Little Lies (a well told miniseries)
WANT TO WIN: The Night Of-The Beach (watching all his mistakes was gripping)

Writing for a Limited Series, Movie or Special
Big Little Lies | Black Mirror: San Junipero | Fargo • The Law of Vacant Places | Feud-Bette & Joan • And the Winner Is . . . (The Oscars of 1963) | Feud-Better & Joan • Pilot | The Night Of • The Call of the Wild
WILL WIN: Black Mirror: San Junipera (though I like the first one of the season better)
WANT TO WIN: Feud-Bette & Joan-And the Winner is . . .  (truth is stranger than fiction)

I got 15 out of 22 categories last year. Let’s see how I do this year. I’ll post after the Emmys with the results and commentary. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

2017 Fall Television Preview

It’s September, and the fall television season is almost upon us. Most of the shows will return in a couple of weeks. Not too sure about many of the new shows but I’ll give a couple a chance. Here’s the run down (starting with Sunday):

Upcoming Season: 29
Premiere Date/Time: Sun, Oct 1 @ 8pm
Genre: Animated Comedy
Starring: Dan Castellaneta (Hey Arnold!)
Hank Azaria (Smurfs, Ray Donovan)
Creator: Matt Groening (Futurama)
Why I watch: I’ve seen every episode, why stop now?
Coming up: Voices of Ed Sheeran & Daniel Radcliff, an ‘It’ parody

Upcoming Season: 4
Premiere Date/Time: Sun, Oct 1 @ 9:30pm
Genre: Apocalyptic Comedy
Starring: Will Forte (SNL, Nebraska, MacGruber)
January Jones (Mad Men, X-Men: First Class)
Creator: Will Forte (That 70’s Show, 3rd Rock from the Sun)
Why I watch: The concept is lagging but want to know what happens next
Coming up: Kristen Wiig and Chris Elliot have recurring roles

Upcoming Season: 9
Premiere Date/Time: Sun, Oct 1 @ 10pm
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Larry David (SNL, Clear History)
Jeff Garlin (The Goldbergs)
Creator: Larry David (Seinfeld)
Why I watch: It’s an amplified version of Seinfeld’s George.
Coming up: Apparently lots of twist and crazy stuff

Upcoming Season: 8
Premiere Date/Time: Sun, Oct 24 @ 9pm
Genre: Drama / Horror
Starring: Andrew Lincoln (Love Actually, Strike Back)
Norman Reedus (Boondock Saints)
Creator: based on Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel
Why I watch: It’s an intense hour of drama and zombies
Coming up: A big war between Rick and Neegan

Upcoming Season: Still in Season 4
Premiere Date/Time: Sun, still running @ 10:30pm
Genre: ‘News’ program
Starring: John Oliver (Daily Show, Community)
Creator: John Oliver
Why I watch: Love Oliver’s rants and in depth stuff
Coming up: More focussed news stories and Trump analysis

Upcoming Season: 11
Premiere Date/Time: Mon, Sept 25 @ 8pm (moves to Thurs in Nov)
Genre: Friends Comedy
Starring: Jim Parsons (Garden State, The Muppets, Normal Heart)
Johnny Galecki (Roseanne, In Time, Christmas Vacation)
Creators: Chuck Lorre (2½ Men) & Bill Prady (Dharma & Greg)
Why I watch: Great cast chemistry
Coming up: Sheldon & Amy’s relationship hits a new milestone

Upcoming Season: 1
Premiere Date/Time: Mon, Sept 25 @ 8:30pm (really starts Thurs in Nov)
Genre: Family Comedy
Starring: Iain Armitage (Big Little Lies, The Glass Castle)
Zoe Perry (Scandal, The Family)
Creators: Chuck Lorre & Steven Molaro (The Big Bang Theory)
Premise: The early life of Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory
Why I’ll give it a chance: The kid’s cute and the writing is funny
What could hurt it: Seems like a retread of Malcolm in the Middle

Upcoming Season: 1
Premiere Date/Time: Mon, Sept 25 @ 9:30pm
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Bobby Moynihan (SNL, Sister, new DuckTales)
John Larroquette (Night Court, The Librarians, Boston Legal)
Creator: Dan Kopelman (Malcolm in the Middle, Galavant)
Premise: An inventor’s life is explored at 14, 40 and 65.
Why I’ll give it a chance: Interesting premise & like the actors
What could hurt it: The creator’s shows are not my favourite

Upcoming Season: 1
Premiere Date/Time: Mon, Sept 25 @ 10pm
Genre: Medical Drama
Starring: Freddie Highmore (Bates Motel, Finding Neverland)
Richard Schiff (West Wing, I Am Sam, The Affair)
Creator: David Shore (House, Houdini and Doyle)
Premise: An autistic surgeon is hired at a prestigious hospital
Why I’ll give it a chance: I like the actors
What could hurt it: Too much like House and too procedural-y

Upcoming Season: 1
Premiere Date/Time: Mon, Oct 2 @ 9pm
Genre: Marvel Action
Starring: Amy Acker (Angel, Person of Interest, Cabin in the Woods)
Stephen Moyer (True Blood, The Bastard Executioner)
Creator: Matt Nix (Burn Notice, The Good Guys)
Premise: Mutated human fight to achieve equality
Why I’ll give it a chance: It’s Marvel and I like Acker
What could hurt it: The premise looks a little blah

Upcoming Season: 2
Premiere Date/Time: Tue, Sept 26 @ 9pm
Genre: Drama
Starring: Mandy Moore (A Walk to Remember, Tangled)
Sterling K Brown (ACS: The People vs OJ Simpson)
Creator: Dan Fogelman (The Neighbors, Grandfathered)
Why I watch: Top notch writing and performances
Coming up: Randall adopting and how Jack died

Upcoming Season: 5
Premiere Date/Time: Tue, Sept 26 @ 9:30pm
Genre: Workplace Comedy
Starring: Andy Samberg (SNL, Hot Rod, Celeste & Jesse Forever)
Andre Braugher (Last Resort, Homicide:Life on the Street)
Creator: Michael Shur (SNL, The Office, Parks & Recreation)
Why I watch: Such a great ensemble. Still very funny.
Coming up: Jake and Rosa try to take down a dirt cop

Upcoming Season: 1
Premiere Date/Time: Tue, Sept 26 @ 10pm
Genre: Crime Drama
Starring: Edie Falco (The Sopranos, Nurse Jackie)
Chris Bauer (True Blood, Sully, The Deuce)
Creator: Dick Wolf (Law & Order and Chicago franchises)
Premise: Anthology series looking at real court cases
Why I’ll give it a chance: Interested in Menendez Brothers case
What could hurt it: Not as good as The People vs OJ Simpson

Upcoming Season: 4
Premiere Date/Time: Tue, Oct 10 @ 8pm
Genre: Action/Adventure
Starring: Grant Gustin (Glee, 90210, Arrow)
Jesse L Martin (Law & Order, Smash, Rent)
Creators: Greg Berlanti (Dawson’s Creek, Everwood, Eli Stone)
Andrew Kreisberg (Boston Legal, Arrow) & Geoff Johns (Arrow)
Why I watch: Fun stories despite their playing with time
Coming up: A new non-speedster big bad

Upcoming Season: 9
Premiere Date/Time: Wed, Sept 27 @ 9pm
Genre: Family Comedy
Starring: Ty Burrell (Back to You, Out of Practice)
Julie Bowen (Boston Legal, Weeds, Lost, Ed)
Creators: Steve Levitan (Just Shoot Me, Frasier, Wings)
Christopher Lloyd (Wings, Frasier, Out of Practice, Back to You)
Why I watch: A well done family sitcom however aging
Coming up: Luke’s in a gap year while Rico is at university

Upcoming Season: 2
Premiere Date/Time: Wed, Sept 27 @ 10:00pm
Genre: Drama Thriller
Starring: Kiefer Sutherland (24, Touch, The Lost Boys)
Kal Penn (House, How I Met Your Mother, Battle Creek)
Creator: David Guggenheim (Safe House)
Why I watch: Fun what-if scenario and some interesting politics
Coming up: More West Wing, less 24

Upcoming Season: 2
Premiere Date/Time: Wed, Oct 11 @ 8pm
Genre: Teen Drama
Starring: KJ Apa (A Dog’s Purpose)
Cole Sprouse (Big Daddy, Friends, Suite Life of Zack and Cody)
Creator: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Glee, Supergirl)
Why I watch: Fun teen angst with comic characters in Langley
Coming up: Aftermath of diner shooting and darker

Upcoming Season: 2
Premiere Date/Time: Wed, Sept 20 @ 8:30pm (usually on Thursdays)
Genre: Divine Comedy
Starring: Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, Forgetting Sarah Marshall)
Ted Danson (Cheers, Becker, CSI:, Fargo)
Creator: Michael Shur (Parks & Recreation, Brooklyn Nine Nine)
Premise: A terrible person somehow makes it to heaven to start anew
Why I watch: Very funny characters and interesting twists
Coming up: Eleanor tries to find Chidi after the big twist last season

Upcoming Season: 4
Premiere Date/Time: Thu, Sept 21 @ 8pm
Genre: Crime/Thriller
Starring: Ben McKenzie (Southland, The OC)
Donal Logue (Vikings, Terriers, Zodiac)
Creator: Bruno Heller (Rome, The Mentalist)
Why I watch: It’s goofy but fun to see some of the backstories
Coming up: Ra’s al Ghul and new love interest for Gordon

Upcoming Season: 7
Premiere Date/Time: Thu, Oct 5 @ 9pm
Genre: Drama Thriller
Starring: Kerry Washington (Confirmation, Django Unchained)
Katie Lowes (Super 8, Wreck-It Ralph, Big Hero 6)
Creator: Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder)
Why I watch: The twisty political show is entertaining
Coming up: The ending of the show

Upcoming Season: 1
Premiere Date/Time: Fri, Sept 29 @ 9pm
Genre: Marvel Action
Starring: Anson Mount (Hell on Wheels, Line of Fire, Conviction)
Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones)
Creator: Scott Buck (Dexter, Six Feet Under, Iron Fist)
Premise: Isolated superhumans fight to protect themselves
Why I’ll give it a chance: It’s Marvel & liked Buck’s work on Dexter
What could hurt it: Iwan Rheon is just Ramsay Bolton again, hate Mount

Upcoming Season: 2
Premiere Date/Time: Fri, Oct 27 @ 12:01am
Genre: Drama Fantasy Horror
Starring: Winona Ryder (Beetlejuice, Reality Bites, Little Women)
David Harbour (The Newsroom, Black Mass, Suicide Squad)
Creator: Matt & Ross Duffer (Wayward Pines)
Why I watch: Binge-able fun with eighties references and great kid actors
Coming up: The return of Eleven and more from the Upside Down

Upcoming Season: 43
Premiere Date/Time: Sat, Sept 30 @ 11:30pm
Genre: Sketch Comedy
Starring: Kate McKinnon (Ghostbusters)
Cecily Strong (The Awesomes)
Creator: Lorne Michaels (30 Rock, Portlandia)
Why I watch: It’s an institution. Always something to talk about.
Coming up: More of Alec Baldwin as Trump.

Upcoming Season: 5
Premiere Date/Time: ongoing @ 11:30pm
Genre: Talk Show
Starring: Jimmy Fallon (SNL, Fever Pitch, Whip It)
Creator: Lorne Michaels & NBC
Why I watch: It’s always filled with fun moments and games

Upcoming Season: 5
Premiere Date/Time: ongoing @ 12:30pm
Genre: Talk Show
Starring: Seth Meyers (SNL, The Awesomes, New Year’s Eve)
Creator: Lorne Michaels & NBC
Why I watch: Mostly just his Closer Looks into the Trump presidency

What new shows are you going try this year?

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